Growing our Thankfulness for God: The 10,000 Reason Journal

In his famous worship song, “10,000 Reasons,” Matt Redman sings the following lyrics:

“For all Your goodness
I will keep on singing
Ten thousand reasons
For my heart to find.”

For Christians, these are powerful lyrics that are both appropriate for and expected of a Christian. Our God is a God of infinite wisdom, power, goodness, mercy, and love (and countless other characteristics), so to honor God with 10,000 praises should be a relatively simple task. Yet, practically, thinking of 10,000 reasons to praise God would be a difficult task for many, no matter how much time one is given. While Redman’s selection of 10,000 is ultimately arbitrary, Christians everywhere would nevertheless
benefit by attempting to reach Redman’s number. First, Christians are called to abound with thankfulness and offer our praises to God freely (1 Thessalonians 5:18; Psalm 34:1; Psalm 147:1). Secondly, offering praise to God in this life provides a glimpse of what the Christian can expect in Heaven, when believers of all generations will sing God’s praises for all of eternity (Revelation 19). Thirdly, we offer our praise to God because He is worthy of such praise (Revelation 4:11). How then can we incorporate thanksgiving and thankfulness towards God into our spiritual lives in such a way that doing so becomes a lifelong spiritual discipline?

Enter the 10,000 Reasons journal. The 10,000 Reasons Journal inspired by the above lyric in Redman’s song, the 10,000 Reasons journal is a journaling exercise in which Christians write a pre-established number of praises of God each day until they reach the number 10,000. While the pre-determined number may vary from Christian to Christian, each praise should beunique to that day. This activity benefits Christians in numerous ways. First, requiring ourselves to reflect upon our day in order to praise God helps us to see what the prophet Jeremiah saw in Lamentations 3 – that the faithfulness of God renews daily. Reflecting on our day in search of praises also better attunes our heart towards God’s steadfast love for us in both the big and small moments of our lives. Secondly, as the Christian continues in this discipline, the journal then functions as an extended testimony of God’s power and work in our lives. As Christians begin to fill their journals, each previous page becomes an encouragement in times of hardship, as we are able to read about how God has delivered us or blessed us in times past, thus renewing the hope that God will again do so in our futures.

Finally, this journal helps to refocus us to our original purpose – to praise and glorify God. The journal helps redirect our eyes from the frustrations and bitterness that accrue within our soul throughout the day towards the goodness of our God and Father. While praise is not inherently sanctifying, pouring our out gratitude to God can be cathartic, as we acknowledge God’s goodness amidst the turbulence and volatility of our earthly lives.
May this idea be a blessing to you in our pursuit to glorify God in our daily lives.

Young Adults director at CCR

Steven Barker

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