Should I be Baptized Again?

Careful reflection on the baptism of Apollos’ disciples (Acts 18-19) sheds some light on who should be rebaptized. New Testament baptism was only performed once on an individual!  All Christian churches were part of the universal body of Christ recognizing “one Lord, one faith, one baptism,” and therefore new members who had transferred from other congregations were not rebaptized. 

However, to be meaningful, baptism required that the candidate had personal faith in Jesus Christ and was baptized ‘in His name’. In the case of the disciples of Apollos, this was not so and they were rebaptized as a result.  

Some have suggested that rebaptism should occur if the candidate in question didn’t have a proper understanding of what baptism meant at the time. However, the applicability of baptism does not depend on the depth and accuracy of understanding, but whether it is associated with conversion.  

In my view, rebaptism should only be performed on one of two grounds.  Either the church that baptized them was not a true Christian church, or the candidate did not at the time of their baptism have true faith in Jesus.  

If you feel that you fit either of the two criteria’s mentioned above, then according to the Scriptures you should be rebaptized with the understanding that it would not be a rebaptism, but his or her first only true baptism as a Christian.   If you are struggling to understand if you fit either of the two criteria listed above, please talk to a Pastor at Crossover Church and Lord willing he can help you discern how you can be obedient to the Lord in this matter.  

Kyle Hogg

Senior Pastor at CCR

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